Total Design Solutions

Our focus is to bring out the best possible design end product with each and every project. The brief and design go through a rigorous process of questioning and fine tuning to achieve the best solution. Out of the box thinking often results in design innovations.

With a process of working from large to small, we pay attention right down to the smallest detail.

Working with a team of sub-consultants we take up structural design and services including , Electrical, PHE, HVAC and Landscape consultancy.

Quality, Cost & Time Management

We provide high quality drawings, detailed specifications and tolerances to ensure a quality end product.

A detailed estimate and close monitoring of the design solution ensures that the cost stays within the clients budget. We guarantee that all quantities estimated are within +or -5% and that there will be no overrun in project cost.

Environmentally appropriate design

Environmental appropriateness is an integral part of our designs. Significant reduction in the use of power and resources is possible in all building types.

Key environmental aspects that we address include water management, waste treatment and recycling, energy conservation strategies and renewable energy systems.

Our knowledge base of various technologies and concepts is constantly updated in order to evolve a green architecture.