Greenfield furniture manufacturing facility, Chennai 2007


Soundarya Decorators Pvt. Ltd. required a 10,000 square meter facility on the outskirts of Chennai. Environmental appropriateness was an integral part of the brief. Eco aspects considered include the reduction in consumption of energy through passive solar design, water management and solid waste management.


The production area is conceived as a series of sheds interspaced with open pockets of green ensuring natural lighting and ventilation. Each shed measures 21.05 m x 60 m with the longer axis in the East-West direction. The North and South faces have larger overhangs with an open perimeter ensuring ventilation. The East and West walls have bamboo framework and vegetation screens.

Construction system and details

The structure is comprised of form finished concrete columns and a built up truss. Perimeter walls are made of local stone slabs. The entire production facility has no windows, door, perimeter walls, plastering or painting, in order to reduce material use and maintenance.



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