Appu Enterprises, Bangalore
Development study. 63 St. Marks Road. Bangalore 2013


The brief was to determine the HBU (highest best use) for a prime commercial property in the heart of the CBD in Bangalore.

Methodology followed

1.Carry out studies of the site, its location, relevant building regulations and market conditions.

2.Formulate preliminary design options based on the studies.

3.Undertake a financial assessment of the design options to ascertain the Highest Best Use.

4.Arrive at an optimum development mix and development strategy.

Detail studies undertaken

1.Site and location study, including a study of the city, the location and the site at both micro & macro levels.

2.Assessment of the local & national building regulations, and their implications for the proposed development.

3.Primary and secondary market studies and surveys for various building uses and mix of building uses, including organized retail, office spaces & hospitality.



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Cuddalore Collectorate

Appu Enterprises

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